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Velux Windows

For over sixty years VELUX have been dedicated to producing roof windows which are synonymous with quality and reliability. 

There are many reasons why we think about renovating a room.

Perhaps we want to change the way we use it, or simply want to give it a more contemporary look?

Whatever the reason, it is surprising the difference replacing an old roof window can make.


As the largest and most experienced roof light manufacturer in the UK, Velux offer a complete range of products to transform any room.

VELUX Centre-Pivot Roof Windows offer excellent quality, versatility and value for money.

Adding natural light can have a positive impact on the value and feel of your home, so by combining these windows together you can create a dramatic visual impact which will transform your home with daylight alone.

Easy to open with comfortable control bar
Available in white polyurethane or pine finish
Can be rotated 180º for cleaning and locked in place, leaving both hands free
Electrically operated INTEGRA® windows offer comfort at the touch of a button

Allweather Windows have over 25 years experience in fitting Velux and you can be sure of the same high standards throughout our range.

For more information on Velux why not click he Velux logo below and visit the Velux website.

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