Palladio Doors

When choosing a front door there are many things that you must take into consideration such as your price point, durability, strength, thermal efficiency and of course aesthetics!

If you are looking for a composite door that performs well on all of the above then the Palladio Collection is the best choice.

Here are just some of the unique points of Palladio external doors.

  • Double Rebated as standard

  • Triple Glazed units as standard – our glass is designed in house

  • 65mm Reinforced Fiberglass in a monocoque structure which gives superior strength and thermal efficiency

  • Renolit foil finish – meaning it does not fade or discolour

  • Variety of locking mechanisms to suit all requirements

Available in
10 Individual Colours



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Forest Hall

Newcastle upon Tyne

NE12 9AS

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