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Our products are now more energy efficient than ever. Less heat loss will also impact positively towards reducing your heating bills, not to mention the positive contribution you will make towards reducing your carbon emissions. We also ensure that our supply chain has comprehensive environmental policies in place to ensure that stringent recycling measures are implemented. All of our products are manufactured with energy efficiency in mind!  We too have a responsibility in recycling, all of our customers old glass and old Upvc frames get sent for recycling and don't end up in landfill.



A staggering 26% of all domestic heat loss escapes through the windows*. Installing energy efficient windows can save you up to 28% per year on your heating bills compared to traditional windows and frames.

Energy Efficient Windows:

Choosing the right company is only the start, choosing the right window for your home could be one of the most important choices you will make on the appearance of your home.  Allweather Windows pride ourselves on bringing together high performance products for a price that is fair.

• System 10 or Rustique 70mm Profiles
• White, Rosewood, Cherry, Rosewood on White & Cherry on White
• Energy rated 'A'
• Standard or large outer-frame (no cost option)
• Internally beaded with a choice of sculptured or bevelled bead
• Single leg bead with mitred or over-scribed finish for customer preference
• 28mm glazing
• Sight-line PCE gaskets
• Maco shootbolt locking
• Fire Escape & Easi-clean hinges to all side hung sashes
• White push button, key locking cranked handles
• Suited hardware with a choice of 6 colours
• Restrictor Hinges
• Trickle Vents
• Folding Cam Handles (for out of reach applications)
• Authentic Bar
• Wrap around locking for large top hung sashes
• French Windows
• Run through Sash Horns (Rustique only)
• Kolorbond

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